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A collection of photos from the Spungen family album that feature in Deborah Spungens book "And I Don't Want To Live This Life"

In 1970 Nancy was moved to the Glenholme School in Conneticut run by the Devereux Foundation who ran schools all round the country for disturbed children. Nancy settled well and made friends. She received weekly therapy and enjoyed sports, field trips and outings. There were only 20 students there and for the first time in her life she felt fitted in. However it wasn't to last. On returning after a summer break she found that the Head had been replaced with a new stricter master and and the general philosophy of the school had changed. Gone were the single rooms. There were now twice as many students and the regular therapy turned into once monthly sessions. It didn't take long for Nancy to return to her old ways and the violent moods and hostility returned.

In 1971 she was transfered to Devereux m Manor School in Philidelphia. There were even more children there and the ages ranged from 14-18. Nancy was only 13. The theraphy was was non existant until Nancy's mother insisted on it and within a short time Nany was stealing and taking drugs. She also started cutting herself.

It was at Devereux that she met her first boyfriend Jeff Gibson who played in a local band. In 1973 she ran away to New York for 3 days but was picked up and returned home. Just before her 15th birthday she cut her arm badly with a razor blade and then two weeks later slashed the other arm. She was rushed to hospital and was only minutes from bleeding to death.

In 1974 she graduated from Devereux and went on to enrol at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She'd not been there long before she was expelled for handling stolen good and trying to sell drugs to an undercover police officer.

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Glenholme School

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