sid arrested

The news of Spungen's death and the murder charge against Vicious reverberated through the ranks of young people who defiantly called themselves "punks." Vicious' many fans saw him as nothing less than the embodiment of the punk philosophy, aggressively nihilistic and intentionally rude and offensive in all situations. His physical appearance underscored his beliefs, dyed spiked hair, rail-thin body, knock-kneed posture, worn black-leather motorcycle jacket, and his trademark dog chain and padlock around his neck. Punk was the antithesis of civilized middle-class values. Doing drugs, wearing tattered clothes and safety pins in facial piercings, living in squalor, and never paying more than a dollar for anything were not just lifestyle choices, they were part of the punk ethos. Spungen and Vicious had come to New York and the Chelsea Hotel in particular to enhance their status as punk royalty. But in the end they became the stuff of tragedy, the punk Romeo and Juliet.